Solar Prototyping Engineer (Electrical)

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Solar Prototyping Engineer (Electrical)

Do you get excited about translating solar engineering and process optimization ideas into reality? Can you build a castle (i.e., solar panel) from scratch (i.e., sketch)?

Join us on our mission!

Full-time · Venray

Where: De Amfoor 2 in Venray
DomainLayer Operations
Experienceat least 3 years of experience
Degreeat least an Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO+) degree in a relevant field
Work Permit: We are unable to hire people from outside the EU for this specific role looking at the IND regulations. 

Working at Lightyear is a unique experience. You get the opportunity to work for a company with a pure and meaningful mission. A mission that will make a positive and lasting impact on future generations. 

What will you do as a Solar Prototyping Engineer?
As a solar prototype engineer it will be your task to translate ideas from the solar engineering department and the process optimization department into reality. This will involve building modules and partial modules in various configurations.

You can consider it your mission to build a castle from sketch, meaning it will require expertise, understanding of requirements and innovation.

As a Solar Prototyping Engineer you will have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Be part of the solar development workflow
  • Collaborate with a team of solar engineers, architects and testing to define module and experiment configurations
  • Analyze the content of the solar proto portal
  • (Pre)fabricating and assembly of solar (panel) parts and check on quality
  • Checking, repairing, building, and adjusting of solar (panel) components
  • Assembly of solar (panel) components in the Lightyear prototypes
  • Design and assemble test set ups from an electrical point of view
  • Testing of build-in equipment, parts and software which have been made by the Lightyear team or external suppliers
  • Actively support in the setup of a bigger production line and give input for process improvements
  • Identify faults and find matching solutions, when needed together with engineering

A day as a Solar Prototyping Engineer at Lightyear
So, let's assume it's Friday. You arrive at the office, grab a cup of coffee or tea and then set off to the solar proto lab. There you will go over the planning schedule with the solar proto lead in the daily stand up next to discussing the progress of the previous day. After that, you start your usual work and spend the day building and testing the innovative and challenging prototypes for the solar domain. For example:

You will focus on test setups, execution of tests and the modification of test setups. Mainly you will focus on the assembly of subassemblies and complete solar (panel) prototypes, also supporting testing can be part of your day to day activities. For some requests you'll make a concept design (basic functional design) and discuss this with your team members and relevant experts, this is often a simplified sketch. After the go, when needed, you'll make a detailed design including f.e. schematics, assembly plans, (electrical) safety plans and component selection and parts will be ordered.

And then you conclude: it’s time for lunch!
You decided to go for a walk together with a few colleagues, because the weather is perfect today (the sun is ALWAYS shining at Lightyear of course!). During walks like these, it's not all about work. You talk about when you will go mountain biking together or about what you have planned for the upcoming weekend. 

In the afternoon, when new parts have been received, you and your colleagues assemble the parts into the desired setup, perform a safety analysis and fine-tune the settings. Today (but not necessarily every day) you hand over the setup to the testing team but you stay in touch for technical support on the usage and for modifications. If necessary (today), you also perform tests on components or systems. After a satisfying day's work, you clean up your desk and leave a nice and tidy workspace behind before leaving. Then, it's finally time for your well-deserved Friday afternoon drink or you participate in one of the fun activities our happiness team comes up with!

What do we expect from a Solar Prototyping Engineer?
In order to succeed in the dynamic world of Lightyear; pro-activity, professionalism, communication and adaptability are crucial. We are looking for someone with an ambitious attitude who learns from the past but who is especially open to transforming new developments or ideas into the ‘tried and tested’ of the future! You thrive on working team based, but working independently shouldn’t be an issue. You are flexible and can work under pressure. Furthermore, we are looking for someone with:

  • At least an Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO+) degree in a relevant field
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in an electrical engineering environment
  • Experience in solar (industry) is considered a plus
  • Experience in solar panel manufacturing is considered a tremendous plus

Ideal personality (strengths) for this position would be that you are a:

  • Team player
  • Problem solver
  • Creative and resourceful person
  • Self-starter; being hands-on
  • Performer of high quality and accuracy

In general you are:

  • Proficient in English; Dutch is preferred/ considered a plus
  • Available for 40 hours per week, less is negotiable
  • A 100% match between our core values and your values as a person
  • Mission driven and eager to deliver the change

What can you expect from Lightyear?
In addition to a challenging role we also offer:

  • A high degree of freedom and independence in your role
  • A role within a multidisciplinary team consisting of highly motivated, inquisitive, and talented people with a broad diversity of experience
  • A role at one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the Netherlands with tremendous potential
  • 40 vacation days per year based on a full-time workweek
  • An interesting and balanced pension that is in line with the mission of Lightyear
  • The ability to participate via shares and to be involved in the growth and success of Lightyear
  • Own responsibility to have a good work/life balance with the option to work from home
  • In addition to a dynamic working environment, there is time for relaxation during our epic Friday afternoon drinks or other fun activities arranged by our happiness team
About Lightyear

Lightyear is an innovative and progressive scale-up with one mission: clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Lightyear originates from the legacy as a multiple world championship of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge® Cruiser Class. Officially established in 2016 by 5 visionaries with the dream to make this groundbreaking technology accessible to everyone, everywhere. In order to accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable solution for mobility, we believe that it is necessary to completely rethink automotive design by starting from scratch, not limited by industry conventions.

At Lightyear, we all strive for the same goal. We have a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds; all working tirelessly towards clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. We’re proud of our culture and live up to our core values: think independently, be bold, deliver the change, put people first and take responsibility. Our shared vision is what unites and drives us.

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Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

2013 - 2015 - 2017

TechCrunch Crunchie

For Best Technology Achievement, beating Apple, SpaceX and Blockchain


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CES Climate Change Innovator Award

At t CES in Las Vegas, Lightyear wins a Climate Change Innovator Award for the huge potential to reduce the emission of CO2.


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Automotive Innovation Award

Lightyear won the Challenging Concepts and the People's Price.