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Product Owner (Embedded) Software

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Full-time · Helmond / Remote

Where: The Automotive Campus in Helmond or remotely. For some (also senior) roles we are accommodating people to work from outside of the Netherlands for the majority of their weeks. But for the full on-site experience: Helmond is part of Brainport: the heart of Europe's innovation. You will feel at home here.
Domain: Software
Experience/ Degree: Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in a similar role.

Working at Lightyear is a unique experience. You get the opportunity to work for a company with a pure and meaningful mission. A mission that will make a positive and lasting impact on future generations. 

What will you do as a Product Owner?
Lightyear is growing immensely! You will become part of the Software domain within the Technology Circle. As a Product Owner at Lightyear, you will be responsible for guiding, supporting, and helping the software team. 

You join the daily stand-up of your team and hear some questions rising. The team wonders whether or not this new request is more important than what they're already doing now. They remember the planning session and the goal which was raised and quickly can decide to say “no” to new incoming work. You ask the team if it should be part of the backlog and they tell you it’s already there.

You can relax and get a coffee before your next meeting with your main stakeholder. It’s a walking evaluation and you get greeted with a big smile and compliments on the previous review and the work the team is doing. You’re proud and can’t wait to high-five the team and give them kudos. You ask the stakeholder to join the next session with a different stakeholder, as they have conflicting priorities. They already saw the data you provided and reassure you that they don’t need to join, they understand their item is less important. Great stuff, let’s combine it with our strategy for next quarter.

The afternoon is going to be great, it’s a workshop you set up with the customer journey specialists and research team to identify bottlenecks to give input to your prioritization for the next quarter.

During the workshop, a project manager asks you if you’ll make a specific milestone. You assure him and ask him to join the next review. If they’re happy, they should let the team know ;).  Your job will consist of but is not limited to:

  • Making sure the team is able to make day-to-day decisions in line with the goal and shared vision, enabling decentralized decision making

  • Owns and prioritizes the backlog, based on the company goals
  • Accountable for articulating product epics, and stories in a clear and concise way
  • Shows progress to stakeholders proactively through a review and asks for feedback
  • Collaborates closely with the Customer Research team in order to anticipate the product creation and possible risk mitigation
  • Uses data-driven way of working to prioritize work based on customer journeys
  • Makes decisions for their product based on good discussions with stakeholders accompanied by data

Your job mission:

  • You want to get the most value out of the team
  • You know what the team costs and you know they have the right information to make the right decisions, so they’re not waiting on you to do this
  • Your stakeholders love and hate you. They know you make difficult decisions which they don’t always like, but they always understand why you make them.
  • Project managers feel comfortable that you align on the milestones and are able to talk to other product owners if there are conflicting priorities. You always take the side of the end product to make final decisions, even if this means your team will have to work on a different product which will decrease your own value.

What do we expect from a Product Owner at Lightyear?
In order to succeed in the dynamic world of Lightyear pro-activity, professionalism, communication, and adaptability are crucial. We are looking for people with an ambitious attitude who learn from the past (tried and tested) and who strive to set new standards when needed. You can work within the team or independently and you plan your budget and time well. You are flexible and can work under pressure. Furthermore, we are looking for someone with:

  • Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in a similar role.
  • Any of these certificates: PSPO, Design thinking, SAFe Product Manager, PALe, OKR’s, Customer Journey Mapping, storytelling, Hackathon organizer

  • Experience with: Jira, Jama, and Google Suite is nice to have

  • Fluent in English is mandatory (Dutch is considered a plus)
  • Availability for 40 hours per week

On a personal level, you can relate to the following characteristics; you are a quick learner with a studious mindset, you are someone who speaks up and shares his or her opinion and you are meticulous in your work. 

What can you expect from Lightyear?
In addition to a challenging role we also offer:

  • A high degree of freedom and independence in your role
  • A role within a multidisciplinary team consisting of highly motivated, inquisitive, and talented people with a broad diversity of experience
  • A role at one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the Netherlands with tremendous potential
  • 40 vacation days per year
  • An interesting and balanced pension through Zwitserleven that is in line with the mission of Lightyear
  • The ability to participate via shares and to be involved in the growth and success of Lightyear
  • In addition to a dynamic working environment, there is time for relaxation during our already epic Friday afternoon drinks

About Lightyear

Lightyear is an innovative and progressive scale-up with one mission: clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Lightyear originates from the legacy as a multiple world championship of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge® Cruiser Class. Officially established in 2016 by 5 visionaries with the dream to make this groundbreaking technology accessible to everyone, everywhere. In order to accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable solution for mobility, we believe that it is necessary to completely rethink automotive design by starting from scratch, not limited by industry conventions.

At Lightyear, we all strive for the same goal. We have a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds; all working tirelessly towards clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. We’re proud of our culture and live up to our core values: think independently, be bold, deliver the change, put people first and take responsibility. Our shared vision is what unites and drives us.

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