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Leadership Team Coordinator

Are you the oil in the motor (or the sun for a solar car!) and a champion in facilitating?

Will you take care of Lightyear's Leadership team in a way that, without you, things would "walk in the soup" (i.e., go wrong)?  

Join us on our mission!

Full-time · Helmond / Remote
Where: The Automotive Campus in Helmond, part of Brainport: the heart of Europe's innovation and from the comfort of your own home.
Domain: Experience.
Experience: at least 3 years of experience in a similar role. Experience in an high tech environment is considered a plus.
Degree: at least a Bachelor degree in a relevant field. Excellent communications skills (verbal and written) in English and the Dutch language, living in NL.

Working at Lightyear is a unique experience. You get the opportunity to work for a company with a pure and meaningful mission. A mission that will make a positive and lasting impact on future generations. 

What will you do as a Leadership Team Coordinator?
As an Executive Coordinator, your mission is to support the members of the Leadership Team by staying organized, with special attention to administrative and logistics tasks. You will be the spider in the web.

For the CEO - You’re a whizz at getting things organized, and will play a key role in unburdening him from the administrative & logistics tasks that take up his time.

For the team - you will help them use their time more efficiently, record the right information and ensure the right communication channels are set up within and around the leadership team. Overall, you take ownership and feel responsible for all secretarial and management support activities.

Your responsibilities consist of but are not limited to:

  • You plan and prepare meetings and in some cases presentations so that our CEO can start a meeting with all the necessary files and (pre) information;
  • You are responsible for filtering the CEO's email inbox and creating a correct action list. You will keep an eye on the fact that the correct actions are taken;
  • You bring structure to various processes and you ensure that these are maintained and monitored;
  • You support all daily activities such as calendar management, answering the phone and taking messages, retrieving information and passing along the right content, and making travel arrangements and reservations;
  • You are a point of contact with internal stakeholders like the Events Planning team.
For the wider Leadership Team Coordinator
  • You coordinate with leadership team members for scheduling and logistics of team meetings (e.g. off-site, quarterlies, weeklies);
  • You manage information flow for leadership team members (internally and external with wider Lightyear) (e.g. document reviews);
  • You maintain team logs for decisions made and actions agreed;
  • You provide administrative support such as note-taking for team meetings (e.g. Supervisory board quarterly meetings) and preparing communication materials such as clear slide presentations;
  • You provide ad hoc coordination support (in areas of admin, scheduling, logistics, etc.) for any of the leadership team members;
  • You arrange all travel for the team.

Some of these activities are directly in support of the activities of the Chief of Staff.

A day as a Leadership Coordinator at Lightyear

Let's start by saying Lightyear is very flexible in terms of your working location, we offer near-full remote working with any office equipment we need to work ergonomically (and a work-at-home budget to upgrade your internet). If needed, or desired, you can spend your working time at our modern office at the Automotive Campus close to Helmond (travel allowance included). Here you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, fresh fruit, and experience the buzz of the office and the labs/workshops.

Job specific:
So, let's assume it's Friday, you chose to come to our office and the first thing you do is grab your favorite wake-up drink before rolling into your first task of the day.

First things first, you will check in with the CEO about his agenda that day and give him the highlights of what needs to be prioritized for that day. You then take about 15 mins to go through his agenda together for the following two weeks, sort out any priorities needed and gather any tasks he needs to get done.

Next on your agenda would be a coffee with the Chief of Staff to understand what’s happening with her current activities - and how you can help with any admin or logistics. Turns out she needs some logistics help for an upcoming presentation in the Monday Morning Kick-Off and she needs the VP of Marketing to get his input in before the end of the day. You add these two items to your to-do list. You take the rest of the morning to follow up with the tasks you’ve collected and work through the rest of your backlog. And then you decide: it’s time for lunch!

You decide to go for a walk together with a few colleagues because the weather is perfect today (the sun is ALWAYS shining in Helmond of course!). During walks like these, it's not all about work. You talk about when you will go mountain biking together or about what you have planned for the upcoming weekend.

That afternoon you meet with an Events Planning representative to talk about an upcoming trip to the US for a few members of the Circle Lead team. You gather the information you need to kick off the logistics planning (travel, accommodation, food, content). You then circle back to the Circle Lead Team to update them on the trip and what you need from each of them.

Ad hoc - the CFO needs some event scheduling finalized in coordination with the Investor Relations team for an upcoming investor dinner, so he reaches out to you and you quickly help him sort this out. You close the day with the Leadership Team weekly connect and notes sent out to all attendees. Then, it's finally time for your well-deserved Friday afternoon drink or you participate in one of the fun activities our happiness team comes up with!

What do we expect from a Leadership Team Coordinator at Lightyear?
In order to succeed in the dynamic world of Lightyear; pro-activity, professionalism, communication, and adaptability are crucial. We are looking for someone with an ambitious attitude who learns from the past but who is especially open to transforming new developments or ideas into the ‘tried and tested’ of the future! You thrive on working team-based, but working independently shouldn’t be an issue. You are flexible and can work under pressure. Furthermore, we are looking for someone with:

  • A Bachelor's degree (working and thinking level);
  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role;
  • Experience in an administrative role reporting directly to upper management;
  • Strong time-management skills and the ability to organize and coordinate multiple projects at once;
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills, you recognize a priority when you see it;
  • Approachable and authentic personality;
  • Excellent (interpersonal) communications skills (verbal and written) in English and  the Dutch language is a plus, living in NL;
  • You are a master in talking in front of groups, 1:1, on the phone and via written communication;
  • Excellent knowledge of the Google Suite and the ability to implement new ways of efficient working;
  • You have a strong mindset and confidence in your ability.

On a personal level you can relate to the following characteristics:

  • Very accurate, highly structured, stress resilient;
  • Highly flexible; you can juggle efficiently between different planned and ad hoc actions;
  • Proactive approach with an empathic mindset;
  • High standard of integrity and responsibility;
  • Flexible team player willing to do what it takes to get the job done; adaptable and enjoys a challenge;
  • You have a strong mindset and confidence in your ability;
  • Proficiency in office productivity tools, with the aptitude to learn new software and systems;
  • Ability to keep company information confidential;
  • A 100% match between our core values and your values as a person;
  • Mission-driven and eager to deliver the change.

About Lightyear
Lightyear is an innovative and progressive scale-up with one mission: clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Lightyear originates from the legacy as a multiple world championship of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge® Cruiser Class. Officially established in 2016 by 5 visionaries with the dream to make this groundbreaking technology accessible to everyone, everywhere. In order to accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable solution for mobility, we believe that it is necessary to completely rethink automotive design by starting from scratch, not limited by industry conventions.

At Lightyear, we all strive for the same goal. We have a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds; all working tirelessly towards clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. We’re proud of our culture and live up to our core values: think independently, be bold, deliver the change, put people first, and take responsibility. Our shared vision is what unites and drives us.

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Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

2013 - 2015 - 2017

TechCrunch Crunchie

For Best Technology Achievement, beating Apple, SpaceX and Blockchain


Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge


CES Climate Change Innovator Award

At t CES in Las Vegas, Lightyear wins a Climate Change Innovator Award for the huge potential to reduce the emission of CO2.


VPRO Toekomstbouwers


Automotive Innovation Award

Lightyear won the Challenging Concepts and the People's Price.