Internship | Minimizing the process-induced stresses of vehicle-integrated PV modules through simulation and experimentation

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Internship | Minimizing the process-induced stresses of vehicle-integrated photovoltaic modules through simulation and experimentation

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Want to play your part in the future of clean mobility?

Full-time · Helmond / Remote

Where: The Automotive Campus in Helmond, part of Brainport: the heart of Europe's innovation and from the comfort of your own home
When: Start date in November or December with a duration of +6 months
Domain: Solar 

Who is Lightyear?
Lightyear is an innovative and progressive scale-up with one mission: clean mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Lightyear originates from the legacy as a multiple world championship of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenger® Cruiser Class. Officially established in 2016 by 5 visionaries with the dream to make this groundbreaking technology accessible to everyone, everywhere. In order to accelerate the transition towards a truly sustainable solution for mobility, we believe that it is necessary to completely rethink automotive design by starting from scratch, not limited by industry conventions.

At Lightyear, we all strive for the same goal. We have a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds; all working tirelessly towards clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. We’re proud of our culture and live up to our core values: think independently, be bold, deliver the change, put people first and take responsibility. Our shared vision is what unites and drives us.

Which team will you become part of?
During this internship, you will support the broad solar team at Lightyear. Most activities will be done within the solar Research and Development (R&D) group, but may also interact with other members of the solar team working on areas such as testing or engineering. 

Your personal mission
Manufacturing novel photovoltaic (PV) modules can be quite challenging posing harsh requirements in terms of weight and performance. During processing various stresses are generated into the PV modules which could compromise its overall shape or the long term reliability. The initial state-of-stress is determined by a range of factors such as the materials used, degree of cure, the process parameters, the cooling rate and many others. Innovative techniques developed at Lightyear aim to capture the impact of various parameters on the state-of-stress as well as the reliability of our modules.

Your personal mission is to aid in the development of these state-of-the art techniques as well as applying them to various stages in the development process of our next generation PV modules both through experimentation as well as simulation. Through various scientific methods we aim to improve the durability, performance and process-ability of our new PV modules.

Requirements in order to achieve your personal mission

  • Educational background in a technical discipline, such as engineering or physics
  • Preferred start date: November or December 2022
  • Duration: six months or more
  • Knowledgeable in photovoltaic technology, thermo-mechanics, material testing
  • Familiar with Finite Element Method (FEM) technique
  • Knowledge of thermal analysis software (e.g. Comsol, Ansys) is a plus

What you bring along as a talented intern
Be aware, being an intern at Lightyear isn’t just an internship. You’ll be approached as an actual engineer and that requires some skills and being able to take responsibility. Especially given the fact that you’ll join a scale-up where little is set in stone. Therefore, it’s key that you can relate to the following things:

  • You’ve proven that you’re strong both theoretically and pragmatic. For instance, you’ve been part of a student team (such as Hyperloop, Solar team, Robocup), did other extracurricular activities, worked in a start-up, you did an outstanding internship or you do sports at a semi-professional level. At Lightyear, we highly value this;
  • Proactivity: when planning activities, collaborating with team members, sharing impressions, etc.;
  • Curious and creative approach to work;
  • Willingness to perform hands-on tasks, such as conducting experiments;
  • You strongly identify yourself with our bigger mission: clean mobility for everyone.

What do we offer
In addition to a challenging internship you also have the opportunity to work for a company with a real, honest and ambitious mission. In this way you have the opportunity to make a huge impact on the future of mobility! Next to this, we also offer:

  • A high degree of freedom and independence during your internship.
  • A multidisciplinary team of highly motivated and talented people you can learn from.
  • A certain internship allowance depending on your educational level and type of internship.
  • Monthly meet ups with other interns to have snacks and drinks while meeting other like minded individuals.
  • Monthly engineering peer learning sessions where you learn from other interns on what they do and how they solved it.
  • In addition to a dynamic work environment, there is time for relaxation during our Friday afternoon drinks!

Are you up for the challenge? Then hit apply now! (please make sure to have your CV and preliminary list of grades ready in PDF)